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I'm not sure what I want to write about. Is it still okay for me to attend this retreat?

Absolutely! If you've felt the pull, and something in your heart is telling you that you want to be there, that's a good indication that you know deep down you have a story to share. Vanessa will be offering coaching to participants during the week away and afterwards to help clarify any goals and Vanessa will be available during allocated times to offer support to participants during the week. Past attendees include writers of novels, short stories, screenplays, memoir and nonfiction. Not all writers come to retreat knowing exactly what they will be working on, while others come with works in progress. Either is fine! While some workshops may cater to writers focusing on fiction (novels), they are not compulsory and other workshops are available that can cater to writers in general.

How do I know if this retreat is right for me?

Your Beautiful Writing Life Retreats are for writers that feel excited about experience a week of total immersion in surroundings that take your breath away, alongside an intimate group of like-minded writers. We'll be sharing the same home, and we'll be sitting at the same dinner table. If you want space to write and relax with the added bonus of support to help you along the way, this retreat is for you.

What we want for you is to go home feeling empowered and really owning that feeling of being able to pursue your writing in a way that feels good to you. That might look like finishing the draft of a book. It might look like journalling or blogging regularly, or it might look like something else. 

How much space is allocated to free time?

Plenty! We understand that creative energy doesn't adhere to a rigid timetable. Some of us write better in the mornings, and sometimes inspiration catches hold of us in the afternoon or late into the evening. We have put together a program, but ultimately you will be able to do with your time, what you please. 

What's the focus of the workshops? Are they compulsory?

The workshops, meditation sessions or any other aspect of the retreat are not compulsory. There's nobody sitting over your shoulder telling you that you must participate or write a certain amount during our time away. We trust that you'll trust yourself to know what you need, and you'll take away exactly that from your time on retreat.

Workshops will cover aspects of publishing, and feedback sessions will give you an idea of how you can improve your work. Throughout the week you will be offered support in getting into the right mindset when it comes to approaching your writing. Vanessa will focus on helping you tap into your creativity and bring your words to the page by learning to trust. We'll be practicing meditation each morning (optional), and you'll also learn to add this to your writer's toolkit as a wonderful resource to help you clear your head and get into writing mode.

When should I organise my flights and travel insurance?

Once your place is reserved, you will receive an email with details pertaining to minimum guest numbers required in order for the retreat to go ahead. Travel insurance is required for each participant and it's recommended to take out a suitable policy with adequate medical expenses and cancellation cover once your flights are booked due to any unforeseen circumstances that may prevent you from travelling. Please ensure you check the T&C's of your individual policy to ensure you have adequate cover for your needs. 

What time is check-in and check-out?

Trentham: Check-in is STRICTLY 1:00pm for the salon with access to the bedrooms at 4:00pm and check-out is 9:00am with access to the salon until 11:00am. For your comfort, we recommend you keep these times in mind when making travel arrangements. We cannot accommodate early arrivals.

Tuscany: Check-in is STRICTLY 4:00pm and check-out is 10:00am. For your comfort, we recommend you keep these times in mind when making travel arrangements. We cannot accommodate early arrivals.

What are the payment terms?

A $1000 non-refundable deposit is due within 24 hours of the acceptance of your booking. Visit the booking page for the instalment dates of deposits for each individual retreat.

I'm booking a place! I'm coming to retreat! How do I contain my excitement?

Sorry, I can't help you with that one, because I'll be wondering the exact same thing on my end!