I came in incredibly blocked and stressed about the project I was working on, and I’m leaving with a new project that feels totally right, that I’m excited about.
— Josephine Moon, Tuscany 2016 Retreat Attendee and Bestselling author of THE BEEKEEPER'S SECRET
I found an incredible sense of freedom and inspiration from being around like minded writers in beautiful Tuscany.
— Pascale, Tuscany 2016 Retreat Attendee
This week has given me space to relax, reconnect and be inspired. It’s opened me to new possibilities, and it’s made space for my writing when there wasn’t space before.
— Amanda, Tuscany 2016 Retreat Attendee
I’ve gained practical knowledge as well as contacts and new friends. It’s given me so many ideas for short stories, new characters, setting, and more.
— Tracey, Tuscany 2016 Retreat Attendee
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"Today I have taken the first step in writing a story that has been buzzing around in my head for the last few years. I've downloaded Scrivener, and can't wait to start writing and see where this story goes. Thank you to the lovely Vanessa Carnevale for reminding me to never give up on my writing dreams." - Andrea Tyrell, Homeopath

"The ombrophiliac in me just loves rereading this passage about summer rain in chapter three of my book. It was inspired by a writing prompt by Vanessa Carnevale. It was initially a bit of a struggle to get the passage I'd initially written to flow but Vanessa's writing tips and prompts helped me get in touch with the imagery I was trying to describe." -- Jodi Sky Rogers, Writer
"Recently, I’ve been using writing prompts to start my day. After my early morning rise to workout, I will sit down for ten minutes and free-write using a writing prompt. And I’ve been enjoying it so, so much!
I’ve been using Vanessa Carnevale’s Mindful Writing Prompts. Vanessa regularly posts writing prompts on her Instagram account and she also recently sent out her list of 100 mindful writing prompts to her subscribers.
Each morning I’ll sit down at the computer, open a new word document, read the day’s prompt, set the timer on my iphone and write. I’ve been amazed how easy the words have flowed. I consistently get over 500 words and it is a great way to use my imagination and also the depths of my inner thoughts to create something mindfully." -- Jodi Gibson (Visit Jodi's full blog post about How to Use Writing Prompts here)

"I was excited at the prospect of attending Vanessa Carnevale's Write With Presence workshop. I was not disappointed.  Vanessa had carefully considered and planned every detail of the day; from the brilliant location of Carome Homestead, to the delicious morning tea and lunch, to the colourful flowers placed on the tables. Not to forget the actual workshop.  Vanessa provided valuable meditations and prompts for writing, and write we did! Vanessa gave us confidence and reason to feel that we were writers and encouraged us through the process. We walked away at the end of the day with resources to help us continue our writing in our daily lives. It was a wonderful day of peaceful reflection, promise and camaraderie. Thank you Vanessa!" -- Cathie C